Gideon 300 prayer warriors are a group of people dedicated to prayer as we observe the 8 prayer watches.

The teaching by our leaders is scripturally based and Holy Spirit led and we understand and acknowledge what takes place in the spirit realm. We are warriors fighting in a battle that is spiritual and not carnal. For this reason, we are radical and passionate for God.

We are encouraged daily to live a life according to God's word, not just reading the word, but also being doers of the word.

Fasting and taking communion are key attributes that we follow and take very seriously.

Our heavenly mandate given by The Lord Jesus of Nazareth is to fast, pray, to equip, teach and comfort broken warriors through the word of God to restore them back onto the battlefield without judgement or prejudice. As well as to pray the 8 hours prayer watches, keeping 72 hours prayer vigils, monthly all-night prayer, teaching, conferences, seminar and workshops.

Our Story

Tony & Sharline Stuart are leaders of the Gideon 300 Ministry. They live in the London area of the UK and have four grown children and one grandchild, so far.  


Sharline is gifted with providing prophetic insight into dreams and visions from a biblical perspective and is also a trained nurse and professional chef. She also has a love for landscape painting.


Gifted as a legislator by the Lord, Tony is an IT professional and has been for over 30 years. Tony currently runs his own IT company and partakes in various different IT projects. He also has a passion for carpentry and a keen eye for creativity in the home and hobby modelling.


Our Vision

Our aim is to reach the nation through teaching, prayer and fasting in order to see all God’s people live a life that manifests the Kingdom of God here on earth. To understand that each one of us was born with a mandate to be fulfilled to bring the Kingdom of Heaven here on earth.

We are the church without walls that wants to reach God’s children from different backgrounds as well as different ethnic and social status groups, through prayer, teaching, charity, mission and teaching conferences.


Gideon 300 is a prayer Headquarters with Gideon’s Soldiers who have been recruited and led by the Spirit of God Almighty Himself who has appointed and ordained the founders to equip soldiers who are ready to be enlisted in His army.

Our aim is to live a life that is blameless.

Our goal as a group is to labour in God's vineyard to increase the Kingdom of God, and in addition, decrease and destroy the works concerning the kingdom of darkness. Through the grace of our Lord Jesus Christ of Nazareth and teaching of the Holy Spirit, we can execute our duty by the teaching of the undiluted word of the living God where we are given strategy, mandates, spiritual insights and battle plans of how to be effective when we pray. Hence the reason we are constantly reminded by the Holy Spirit that we do not fight against flesh and blood.


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