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It’s Time…
Are You Ready?


⬆️ Some of our past students

Are you an Esther who is facing tragedy and crisis that could potentially destroy your destiny? Are you a Hannah who is battling through prayer but secretly wondered if God does really hear you when you pray? Are you tired of the boom-boom-boom attack of the enemy on all three fronts-mental, physical and spiritual? Or perhaps you seem to struggle with the same issue or arena of conflict that Gideon faced where the odds were against him. Could it be, that you have been disappointed, questioned your faith or even God’s willingness to overrule situations that seem to be never-ending? If you have been honest with yourself, you have either answered yes to at least one of the questions or to all of the above.

Well it's time you deal with it!

How it started

My own personal experience was plagued with thoughts, doubts, questions until one Sunday evening after finishing 7 Days of Prayer & Fasting, the Holy Spirit got a hold of me, and I turned to the story of Gideon. During the process, the Lord summoned me to gather an army of 300 prayer warriors worldwide. What began as Gideon 300 Prayer Warriors, in the late summer of 2017, as a result I started on WhatsApp, a 24 hours of non-stop prayer group accompanied with the use of the eight prayer watches and daily teachings on prayer and fasting dubbed as “wisdom nuggets” this has given birth to Gideon 300 Christian School of Intercessory in 2019.

Why Gideon 300 School of Intercessory?

Prayer is not an option. It is a necessity! And Gideon 300 Christian School of Intercessory wants to help you discover your power, authority and rights on the earth as a person of prayer and position yourself to become a faith channel for heavenly influence in earth’s affairs. The common thread running through the testimonials of past students is that this school has ignited and transformed the way they pray as they soar in spiritual growth and prayer life, which will have helped them to obtain constant victories over their enemy. Best of all, the approach is based on the Word of God, which always causes you to Triumph!

What We Offer

At Gideon 300 Christian School of Intercessory, we offer the flagship 3-year training program that fully explores prayer and intercessory teaching. We also provide several short courses ranging in length from 1-day to 12 weeks. The program is designed for people who are called with the gift of intercessory in their lives and wish to develop further and is also ideal for people who work in the deliverance ministry at church. In addition to learning different intercessory skills, the teaching and training also lay the essential foundation for pastoral care, thereby allowing you to understand the difference between the spiritual and psychological needs of people who may approach you about spiritual deliverance.

Apply Now!

Application to our Intercessory Programme is quick and easy! Visit our Intercessory Programme page for more information about admissions, including fees and how to apply.


Not able to take on our 3-year Intercessory Programme right now? Click here to learn about our short courses.

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