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In James 5:16 (NKJ), we are told that the “prayer of a righteous man avails much." As we pray, we stand to watch over our families, cities, and nations. Just as men stood on city walls in the Bible to watch for approaching danger, God calls us to be modern-day watchmen and warn those who are in danger (2 Kings 9:17-18).

Gideon 300 is a teaching and deliverance ministry, engaging in prayers 24 hours per day, observing the 8 hours prayer watch. We run a prayer WhatsApp group where we teach our intercessor students the different type of prayers, how to pray effectively, the power of praying correctly and spiritual warfare.

We take prayer requests from the general public if you require prayer, please send an email to, please let us know if you wish to be contacted via phone call or email.


At Gideon 300 Ministry all of our lessons are directly referenced from the Holy Scriptures. We have teaching events throughout the year, and you can also join us at periodical times of the year for some in-depth teaching on spiritual warfare. As Gideon300 teaches intercessors how to pray and to understand things of the spiritual realm, our explanation tends to be very deep with great insight on hidden spiritual knowledge within the Holy Scriptures of the Bible. Some of the things we teach are, on the following topic:

  • The power of the Holy Spirit.

  • The power of living in Holiness and righteousness. 

  • The power of communion.

  • The power of speaking in tongues. 

  • The power of the 21 days dry fasting.

  • Praying in the name of Jesus of Nazareth.

  • The Courts of Heaven.

  • The art of spiritual deliverance (how to be delivered & how to keep your deliverance)

  • The art intercessory.

  • The art of spiritual warfare.

  • Weapons of spiritual warfare.

  • How to contend with the evil family altar?

  • What is a covenant?

  • What are evil altars?

  • How to defeat the Marine kingdom (incubus and succubus)

  • How to interpret your dream?

  • What is a dreamscape & what is it saying to you?


God calls us to live free from sin that "so easily entangles". As Christians, we are promised power and strength when we call upon God to deliver us from spiritual attacks and Satan's schemes to bind us - whether to an addiction, emotion, thought, relationship, finances, evil family altar or other evil strongholds.  "The righteous cry out, and the Lord hears, And delivers them out of all their troubles.” Psalm 34:17 (NKJ)

Gideon 300 is a teaching and deliverance ministry that engage in spiritual deliverance of individuals who request it. Before we employ the process of liberation from any demonic entity, we give a profound understanding of what the process deliverance is and how long it might take for this level of liberation to happen. 

The process starts with a meeting, from there we will let you know if we believe you require deliverance. What happens next, is you’ll receive a series of teachings on the deliverance process on complete the learning,  you would have gained an understanding of what liberation process is then you are asked to sign a document permitting us to conduct the deliverance.

We take deliverance request from the public. If you require deliverance, please fill out the form below or contact via email: Please state if you wish for us to contact by email or phone.

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