Kiddush Cup And Plate Modern design

Kiddush Cup And Plate Modern design


This silver plated Kiddush cup with matching plate is an item that you will enjoy using at your Shabbat table. The square contemporary design and the clean straight lines undisturbed by engravings give it a unique elegance.


The recitation of Kiddush, holding the cup filled with wine, announces the holiness of the Shabbat day and heralds the beginning of the special family Shabbat meal. It is fitting therefore for the cup to be an item of beauty that brings honor to the day and to all those sitting around the table.


Wipe the cup well after use and shine it from time to time with a silver cleaning solvent. To ensure lasting wear, the silver plate has been sprayed with long-lasting lacquer.

  • NOTE:

    These Kiddush Cups are on a 2-3 week delivery

    Imported directly from Israel

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