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  • Made in Israel by Talitania, 100% kosher with certificate
  • Comes with certified standard white kosher tzitzit tied onto the four corners
  • Tallit comes in a handy plastic slipcase and has original tag attached
  • The Atarah (neckband) with blessing in Hebrew
  • Material: Wool


This colorful wool tallit is known as Bnei Or – sons of light – referring to its cheerful and vibrant stripes; a reminder of the coat of many colors that Yaakov presented to his son Yossef.

Made in Israel by the Talitania company, meeting the strictest standards of Jewish Law.


This tallit comes with a number of optional extras. These include the possibility of embroidering your name on a Kippah, tallit or tallit bag. If you wish, you can upgrade the existing tzizit or add the techelet-blue thread.

Talitnia Beney Or Tallit - Sons of Light Modern Wool Prayer Shawl - Rainbow

  • This Tallit is on a 2-3 week delivery

    Imported directly from Israel

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