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10 Elements of Truth®

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This course is all about you, the intercessor and is divided into two parts.


This course looks at the psychological and spiritual health of the intercessor. The modules are designed to uncover the true self and what God's Truth says to you, the person who is created in His image and likeness.


The second part of this course looks at both theory and the practical side of spiritual psychotherapy, looking at the whole person outside of the normality of what they believe is the true self. Based on their childhood, past life experiences and any life traumas they have suffered.

The psychological part of this is called Introduction to the Development throughout the Lifespan from a Psychosocial perspective.


The module combines Erik Erikson's stages of development theory with the 10 Elements of Truth® theory to show the link between unsuccessful competence development in each phase of Erikson's module within a specific area of life.


Both approaches conclude that individuals will be left with some sense of inadequacy regarding that particular developmental feature. According to Erikson, people at every stage experience a conflict that acts as a turning point in their development. Erikson believed these conflicts centred on an individual's ability to develop a psychological quality or a failure to develop that quality.


One strength of the psychosocial theory is that it provides an overall structure that can view development across the Human Lifespan. It also focuses attention upon the essentially social nature of human beings and the critical influence social relationships have on growth and development.

Here is where the 10 Elements of Truth® links these failures and the inadequacy of personal growth, to what is called the Biological Truth. To understand the concept we need to define the word 'biological'. It means genetically related; related by blood (of a member of a person's family, e.g. his biological mother). Regarding the teaching on the 10 Elements of Truth®, we say that this concept means the truth that cannot change about you.


Within the biological truth, two other truths can be found. These are the circumstantial truth and the social-economical truth. If these truths go unchecked it will cause the individual to live their life in the lane of comfortable lies, never able to move out of the circumstantial truth, which has nothing to do with them. To heal, we all need at some point in our life to go into the lane of the unpleasant truths to deal with these psychological issues, that we are often led to believe is spiritual issues.

The Circumstantial Truth

This truth doesn't have anything to with you; you inherit this from the circumstance of life, the decision you have made based on what you believe to be the truth. The Circumstantial Truth is always a half-truth, misguided truths, comfortable lies, projection, denial and self-deception.

Social-economical Truth

The social-economic truth refers to how you see yourself as a member of society, where you fit in, or where your circumstantial truth told you that you fit, what you can achieve or can't achieve. For example, where you can live, the schools you can or can't attend, the jobs you can apply for or not.


The duration is 10 weeks and a 1000 word essay is given. In the end, each student will do the Life Language study & test.  A reading list is provided and you must read from this allocation of books, as they are part of your learning tools. The 10 Elements of Truth® has the following:

  1. Your biological truth 

  2. Facing your truth

  3. Standing in your truth

  4. Working through your truth

  5. Stepping into your truth

  6. Journey in your truth

  7. Knowing your truth

  8. New Beginning

  9. GOD's truth

  10. Perfect and Wonderfully made


The aim of this module is to equip you in identifying yourself in GOD's truth. All the past hurt was never part of GOD's plan; it only serves as a purpose for you getting back to the heart of the Father GOD. You will also realize that you cannot hold yourself or others to account for what they have done since they, too, like yourself, are not responsible for their actions., because the Truth they have come to know is misguided. The teaching focuses is on the whole person, biological, psychological and spiritual.

As you embark on your journey of self-deliverance, it is of great importance that the true self is established. It is only when you can face the truth that you can begin to engage in spiritual warfare. This way, the enemy cannot use his version of his truth against you when you start to intercede on behalf of others or as you encounter spiritual battles.

One of the most important things you must know is that truth hurts. However, the Truth can set you free and can also bring healing, justice and restoration. Due to the psychological aspect of this module, there are trained psychologists available that students can consult.



*The cost of studying this module is £2,420, which works out to be £242 per class.


The fees cover the payment for the whole module and are none refundable if a student withdraws halfway through the year.


There is no recourse to the government bursaries, each student is responsible for the cost of their study.

  • 10 Elements of Truth® (FULL PAYMENT)

    Short Course code PS1000
    • Course duration 10 classes over 10 weeks
    • *No processing fee
  • 10 Elements of Truth® (HALF PAYMENT)

    Every month
    Short Course code PS1000
    Valid for 2 months
    • Course duration 10 classes over 10 weeks
    • 2 monthly payments
    • *No processing fee
  • 10 Elements of Truth® (WEEKLY PAYMENT)

    Every week
    Short Course code PS1000
    Valid for 8 weeks
    • Course duration 10 classes over 10 weeks
    • 8 weekly payments
    • Total paid after 8 weeks = £2,541.04
    • *Inclusive of 5% processing fee

* Subject to a processing fee

10 Elements Payment
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