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About Us

How We Started


"There I was sitting in my living room one Sunday evening after finishing a 7-day period of Prayer & Fasting, and the Holy Spirit got a hold of me and I turned to the story of Gideon. I heard the Lord say to me, "This is what I want you to do - you are to gather me an army of 300 prayer warriors all over the world."

And I thought, "But me? I don't have leadership training, I barely can speak and I am nervous to speak in public." But eventually later that year, I began on a platform with a couple of my friends.


And before I knew it, I had to move the training out of my little living room and move to  buildings to accommodate the large number of people who began to join me in learning about prayer and spiritual warfare."


Dr. Sharline Stuart, Founder of Gideon 300 Ministry & Gideon 300 Christian School of Intercessory


Today, the Gideon 300 Christian School of Intercessory has grown into a team of lecturers and intercessors and has graduated over 100 students across the world from our online program.


We pledge to continue to carry out that mandate with our team to equip Christians for spiritual warfare.

About Our Courses


At Gideon 300 Christian School of Intercessory, we offer a main 3-year training program, our Intercessory Programme, as well as a number of short courses ranging in length from 1-day courses to 10-week courses.

Course Qualification


We don’t yet have a formal qualification for our Intercessory Programme.


However, we think if you have the gift of intercessory, you should be motivated to study and understand what the gift of intercessory is all about.


Although our cerfication is not formally recognized, our courses prepare and equip you with the necessary knowledge to work efficiently in your calling of intercessory for ministry.

"You don’t need any formal education to apply for our courses."

Our program of study serves as a fundamental recognition that you have attained certifications in core areas of intercessory and spiritual deliverance for Christian ministry. The program coursework  might count as an entry-level Certificate of Higher Education (certHE) to study Theology and counselling at any reputable Theological institution.

PS: You don’t need any formal education to apply for our courses.

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