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Life Languages


The Life Languages is the last part of the syllabus in the PS1000 module. This course is what ties the whole module of The Theory of Psychological-Spiritual Practice PS 1000 together as it looks at how we communicate. The 10 Elements of Truth® teaches us to look at GOD’S truth and forget the Circumstantial Truth and the Social-economical Truth and healing from our past hurt and moving into our true selves.


The Development Throughout the Lifespan from a Psycho-social perspective looks at the success and the failure of our development through the eight phases of the lifespan development. As we begin to learn to correct these failures, we come into what GOD’S truth says about who we are. One of the most important is to know how to communicate with others. However, how can you when you don’t know your own communication language? This is where the Life Languages comes in with great value as this course teaches you all about your communication language.

What is Life Languages?
A Life Language is a preferred communication style. While everyone has a preferred style, all people speak all 7 languages. Life Languages does not put people in a box, but gives a foundation to stand on by raising awareness of self and others and cracking the code to effective communication.

We all want to be seen, heard, and understood at work and home. But, unfortunately, most relationships fail because of miscommunication and misunderstanding. In fact, management consultant and author Peter Drucker said that over 80% of management problems result from faulty communication. The solution? We need to understand ourselves and others and learn to bridge the gaps.

Life Languages System of Communication solves this problem. Life Languages is the only communication tool on the market that is both descriptive and prescriptive. The Kendall Life Languages Profile (KLLP) will reveal how you process all incoming and outgoing communication. It will also unlock how to identify and speak the languages of the people around you.

This duration of this short course is one full day. The module is assessed as added credits to The Theory of Psychological-Spiritual Practice PS 1000.  You gain these extra credits through attendance. This one day course is compulsory.

Tuition Fees

*The cost to study this course is £130 + £40 for registration.

This price is subject to change as the course is not provided by Gideon 300 Christian School of Intercessory. Payment is taken before the start of the course.

The fee covers tuition for the duration of the course and is non-refundable.

Students are responsible for their tuition costs as there are no recourse to government.

  • Life Languages

    +£40 Admin charge
    • *Admin fee will be charged @ £40

* Subject to a processing fee

Life Language Payment
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