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Introduction to the Development throughout the Lifespan from a Psycho-Social Perspective


This course is linked to the 10 Elements of Truth® and shows the connection between the psychological and the spiritual. The module aims to teach students which issues are psychological and spiritual and it also looks at the individual as a whole, the mind, body and spirit functioning harmoniously.  This course is about you, the intercessor looking at your spiritual psychological health. The teaching is geared towards the students recognising psychological matters which they might have been labeled as spiritual. This module is compulsory as it is the fundamental pathway to the intercessor's development skill and assessment of other individuals. The module combines Erik Erikson's stages of development theory with the 10 Elements of Truth® theory to show the link between unsuccessful competence development in each phase of Erikson's module within a specific area of life. Both approaches conclude that individuals will be left with some sense of inadequacy regarding that particular developmental feature.

One strength of the psycho-social theory is that it provides an overall structure that can view development across the Human Lifespan. It also focuses on the essential social nature of human beings and the critical influence social relationships have on growth and development. This plays a significant part for you the intercessor to understand that not everything that presents itself as spiritual matters is spiritual. They can be the manifestation of psychological traumas. Instead, they need to be addressed in the context of psychotherapy.

Erikson's eight life stages  that will be taught:

  • Stage 1 – Trust verse Mistrust Infancy

  • Stage 2 – Autonomy verse Shame & Doubt Early childhood

  • Stage 3 – Initiative verse Guilt Preschool

  • Stage 4 – Industry verse Inferiority School-age

  • Stage 5 – Identity verse Confusion Adolescence

  • Stage 6 – Intimacy verse Isolation Young adulthood

  • Stage 7 – Generative verse Stagnation Middle adulthood

  • Stage 8 – Integrity verse Despair Maturity


Students will develop highly valuable skills as an intercessor to assess individuals who present themselves for spiritual deliverance. The student will be able to view the assessment both from a psychological and a spiritual perspective. The module is assessed by a test, multi-choice exam and a self-assessment portfolio. Upon completion, a certificate of attendance will be issued to show the student has the relevant understanding of the link between the psychological and the spiritual.

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