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  • Q: How can I study to my full potential?
    Identify what time of the day you feel more focussed, less distracted and you can concentrate, such as in the: 1. Morning 2. Mid-morning 3. Early afternoon 4. Late afternoon 5. Early evening 6. Late evening (Choose from 1-6 your preference of studying during the day). Keep a diary and record days/times you want to study. Manage your time by limiting how many minutes/hours, such as 10-20mins, 30-45mins or 1 or 2 hours you want to dedicate to study each day or every other day. The minutes/hours depend on your concentration level. Eat a healthy breakfast full of fibre, drink no caffeine and eat fruits with plenty water throughout the day. Lunch & dinner should include dark green leafy vegetables and other vegetables that you like, but more dark green. Also, try to eat before 6pm-7pm. Try not to study too late in the night because resting your mind and mental well-being is very important. You can use skimming and scanning to read books fast. Identify the topics in the book you want to focus on. Have a notebook, pencil or high-lighter to hand. Notebook: to note down things that you understand, highlight key things you do not understand and research these things to obtain a clearer understanding. The use of note taking skills is useful, instead of using words throughout your notes, you can use symbols and numbers associated to words as well as abbreviations. If one chapter is too large, read 1 or 2 paragraphs at a time during the time of day that you prefer to study. Always identify key topics in each chapter in the book that you want to focus on. If you are tired, DO NOT STUDY. Rest and do something else or nothing at all.
  • Q: How can I manage my time during this COVID-19 outbreak?
  • Q: I want to learn more about time management methods?
  • Q: What access do I have to the website with my login credentials?
    When you sign-up to the Gideon 300 Ministry website you will have access to order from the public shop, video publications and more. All paid for video publications must have a sign-up login for access to be granted to all recorded Zoom publications you have paid for. As a signed-up student of the ministry, we will manually grant you access to the student area of the website and all paid and private video publications that you have entitlement to.
  • Q: Unable to display PDF documents from the Documents Library?
    We recommend you download and install Adobe Acrobat Reader. If you already have this installed on your device, then try the following: Disabling Your Pop-Up Blocker A pop-up opens as a new browser window and is often used to display advertisements. For this reason, most current browser versions have built-in pop-up blockers. In order to enjoy all of the Wix features, you need to allow pop-ups in your browser. Learn more about disabling pop-up blockers in the following browsers: _______________________________________ To disable the Google Chrome pop-up blocker: Click the More icon  at the top right of your browser. Click Settings. Scroll down and click Advanced. Click Content settings in the Privacy & security section. Scroll down and select Pop-ups & redirects. Choose an option: Allow all pop-ups: Click Blocked (recommended) to change the setting to Allowed. Allow Gideon300Ministry pop-ups: Click the Add button next to Allow then type and click Add. _______________________________________ To disable the Firefox pop-up blocker: Click the Menu button at the top right of your browser. Click Preferences. Select the Privacy & Security panel on the left. Scroll down and click Exceptions... next to Block pop-up windows in the Permissions section. _______________________________________ To disable the pop-up blocker in Safari: Click Safari from the top menu and select Preferences. Click the Websites tab. Select Pop-up Windows under General on the left. Click the When visiting other websites drop-down at the bottom right. Select Allow. _______________________________________ To disable the pop-up blocker in Microsoft Edge: Open Microsoft Edge. Click the More button  in the top right. Click Settings. Click Privacy & Security on the left. Under Security, click the Block pop-ups toggle to turn it to Off.
  • Q: How does UK and international shipping & returns work?
    We ship to the entire UK for only £6.60 (inc. VAT) via a tracked 2-4 working day service. UK orders over £100 are shipped free via a courier service. USA £37 (allow 1-2 weeks delivery) Canada £43 (allow 1-2 weeks delivery) Switzerland £30 (allow 7 days delivery) Jamaica £55 (allow 1-2 weeks delivery) International Customers Please expect a delivery delay from the time of ordering. We do not store some of our products on display in the store. Wine and crackers tend to be the only items that are always held as ‘Local Stock’. Most of the items held in the store are on a per order basis and usually ordered directly from Israel. All orders taken for Israel are on a 2-3-week delivery to the UK. Once received in the UK we will then ship the item out to you within 2-3 days, if there is any further delay, we would normally contact you via email. Student Shirts & Blouses All shirts and blouses are on a per order basis due to the embroidered logo attached to the shirt. Therefore, each order takes approximately 1 week to be processed. Once received this will be shipped to you within 2-3 days. Tracking You should receive a confirmation of dispatch by email with tracking number if a valid email address is provided when you order. The tracking information for courier shipped orders shows delivery updates. Please also note that the shipping service is selected by our systems based on address, weight and other criteria. Leaving Orders in Safe Place Regrettably, we are unable to ask couriers to leave orders in a safe place. We cannot ask the courier to leave parcels in a safe place as this will void our insurance. You may be able to arrange this directly with the courier, but we will not be held responsible for any items lost or stolen as a result. Orders Not Received If in the rare event you have not received your order within 7 working days, please check the tracking information and if unable to resolve with the courier please contact us immediately via our ‘Contact Us’ ( page from our website or call +447956887151. Inspection of Goods & any Damages Please check your package upon delivery and note, on signing, if the package is torn or damaged in any way. You must then contact us, within 48 hours of receipt, to enable us to raise a claim with the delivery service. You will be required to provide images of the damaged goods and to retain the goods until the matter is resolved. We can only refund food products within 7 days if you find a problem with them. Inspection of Goods You must also inspect all the goods received on delivery to make sure you are happy with them, and that the order is complete. Any errors must be reported within 7 days. We do not take responsibility for how you may store and use them. Returns You may return any un-opened items within 7 days of placing your order for a full refund. You must contact us before returning the items using our Contact Form on the website (, so we can provide a returns number for your return. All goods must be returned in their original packaging, we cannot accept returned food items without. We recommend you send back goods tracked or signed for. Use a tracking or signature system to ensure we receive your items. We cannot issue a refund unless the goods are returned to us. Once returned, the goods will be inspected, if a refund is approved you should expect to receive your refund within 7 working days of us receiving the returned goods. For further details please see our Terms and Conditions.
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