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Introduction to Prayer
& Fasting (PF1010)


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This course introduces you the intercessor to prayer and fasting to give a clear understanding to the intercessor’s pathway as it related to prayer and fasting. It will also provide profound knowledge of the different kinds of prayer and the effectiveness of fasting. Prayer is one of the lost arts of intercessory. Most people who pray don’t know the principle to follow to get prayers answered. Effective intercession begins with the knowledge and understanding of prayer. Knowing the will and purpose of GOD concerning the matter you are taking to the Lord in prayer.
Fasting is another subject that is greatly misunderstood by the body of Christ. Therefore, the course aims to give the students the fundamentals of fasting and how to use fasting to get close to GOD and
not a means of getting GOD TO DO SOMETHING. In addition, students will understand the concept of prayer & fasting and how to use it as a weapon of war. Assessment will be done through a written and a multi-choice exam.

Topics to be covered are:
•    The different types of prayer
•    The courts of heaven
•    The three dimensions of prayer 
•    The five different kinds of fasting
•    Time and season
•    Introduction to the four different kinds of intercessors

The duration of the course is 10 weeks and is also available as a Short Course.

Tuition Fees

The total cost of this course is £470 with a cost to each class of £47. Payment is made before the course start.

The fee covers tuition for the duration of the course and is non-refundable. Students are responsible for their tuition costs as there are no recourse to government bursaries.

* Subject to a processing fee

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