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In this book, we will look at the relationship between altars and covenants. An altar is a place of sacrifice and a place of contact with the spirit world. It is also a place of invocations and covenant activation. It is a place where humanity meets with divinity. The altar serves to activate covenants. It serves existing covenants.

An altar can be described as:

  • A system of authorization that enforces dominion and complaint.
  • A platform where the realms of the spirit make contact with the realms of physical on legal grounds.
  • A platform where covenants are activated, empowered, and maintained.
  • What gives life to a covenant


In the traditional religions, altars (shrines, high places) are very important in working out covenant benefits. Pagan priests and satanic watchmen offer sacrifices to the territorial spirits behind their local deities, thus invoking their presence and power.


TOKENS are usually exchanged during such rituals. On crossroads, in markets, mountainsides, in forests or near rivers you see these various satanic altars (shrines) and the regular 'offerings' of goats, dogs, fowls, eggs, blood, cowrie shells, etc, day by day. The altars are used to service satanic covenants.

Altars and Covenants

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