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About the Book

Dreams come from three major sources; they can be from God, man or Satan. Dreams from God are to reveal things to come, to encourage you or to warn you. Dreams from man are mainly from the things which you desire and dwell in your thoughts. And dreams from Satan are to scare you, torment you and plant a seed or a point of contact inside you so that he can manipulate and destroy you.


Most people that I counsel and minister to, their problems started after having a dream; and those dreams are satanic or demonic dreams. I have seen people sick with cancer, HIV, and many other terminal diseases and they got sick after being injected in a dream.


Though the symptoms and conditions can be diagnosed physically but it is a spiritual sickness and when you seek deliverance and go through the deliverance process you can to tally be healed and the medical tests will prove that you are free of the sickness.


Please note; a bad or negative dream is not a done deal or an absolute because it can be changed. It is a precursor of things to come but by the word of God we are equipped with the ability to turn negatives into positives we can change it with the right prayer and action.


Whenever you wake up from a bad dream, you should cancel it.


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