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Small booklet


This topic is so unique that it will catapult you from the valley to the mountain top. My assignment in this mini book is to move you to a new threshold of spiritual warfare. So get ready for the unprecedented and open your spiritual heart to receive the spectacular.


It goes without saying that after reading this book; you will experience total deliverance, freedom, unusual power encounters, victory and dominion over the wicked and stubborn spirits; which are the spiritual armed robbers who are robbing God's children out of their inheritance. The spiritual world is real. Events in the physical realm are a result or consequences of earlier events in the spiritual realm.


Suffice it to say that the spiritual realm dictates what goes on in the physical world. The forces that operate at the spiritual level are extra

ordinary, powerful, strong and potent. They are a force to reckon with,

that is why they should not be taken lightly. When people rationalise on

the spiritual implications on situations and circumstances; it allows the

spiritual armed robbers to rob their destiny.

Overcoming Spiritual Armed Robbers

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