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With several books on the market that focus on evil altars, I ask myself, what wealth of information do I possess that when shared, will introduce a perspective that is different, new, insightful, and refreshing about the topic? What new thoughts and stimulating ideas do I have, that will not only provide information rather, an action plan on how to defeat the evil altars? Finally, after the struggle, I have mustered the courage to produce this book for the purpose of sharing the wisdom I have garnered with others so that it can impact them.


The title of this book reveals that you will not only acquire information about the operation of evil altars but also an action plan on how to be released from them. And I want you, my readers, to understand that

the mindset needed to be released from an evil altar, will take more than information gathering. By implication, therefore, no matter the knowledge you gain, you must have an action plan that when

implemented in your daily life, will inevitably result in the dismantling of the evil altars.


This book is specifically written for anyone who is serious about receiving spiritual deliverance from the pattern, programmes and ordinance of the evil altar. It will furnish you with insight into how the enemy operates using different kinds of evil spirits to influence and ultimately destroy your life. Evil altars are surrounded by many different spirits. As such, the key lesson is to know what type of spirits you are fighting with that is attached to the evil altar you are seeking to destroy. Understand this, you cannot fight a marine kingdom altar in the same manner you confront an altar that is manned by celestial princes. Therefore, to win, requires the inclusion of the essential element-utilizing the biblical approaches to defeat the enemy. The Bible is jam-packed with many warfare tactics and strategies; you will learn how to defeat an evil altar upon reading this book.

Release from the Evil Altars

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Released date end of March 2024, receive your copy in April. 50% discount until release date.
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