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This dignified silver-plated Kiddush cup combines contemporary style with ancient tradition. The base of the cup has a pretty diamond design with flower engravings. The square tray gives the set dignity and charm. This will make the perfect addition to any home.
A Kiddush cup is a gift that will always be appreciated. Most families have a collection of Kiddush cups and many own cups that have been passed down from father to son. The Kiddush cup is deeply symbolic. Filled to overflowing with wine, it is a source of blessing. On Shabbat or Festivals, it is a prelude to the festive meal and it is the central feature at the milestones in the life of the Jew – brit, weddings, Bar/Bat Mitzvah and other celebrations.
Wipe the cup well after use and shine it from time to time with a silver cleaning solvent. To ensure lasting wear, the silver plate has been sprayed with long-lasting lacquer.

Square Silver plated Kiddush Cup with stem and Tray

SKU: PL-X365
  • These Kiddush Cups are on a 2-3 week delivery

    Imported directly from Israel

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