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This silver plated Kiddush cup will enhance your Shabbat table. It has a contemporary square shape and the square tray emphasizes the design. The base of the cup has diamond and floral engravings. You will enjoy using this at your Shabbat table or keeping it for special occasions.
Although the Shabbat is accepted when the lights are kindled, it is the Kiddush recitation at the start of the meal that forms the bridge, transforming the pressures of the week to the tranquil atmosphere that characterizes the Shabbat day. The night Kiddush comprises three sections: the wine blessing, recalling the creation of the world that ended on Shabbat and finally we express our gratitude to G-d for the great and holy gift of Shabbat.
This is an easy-care item. Wipe the cup well after use and shine it from time to time with a silver cleaning solvent. To ensure lasting wear, the silver plate has been sprayed with long-lasting lacquer.

Square Silver plated Kiddush Cup and Tray

SKU: PL-X364
  • These Kiddush Cups are on a 2-3 week delivery

    Imported directly from Israel

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