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Spiritual mapping is the process of revisiting our foundations or backgrounds to collect Data.

It is also doing an assessment on self-involvement into ungodly deeds that brought

consequences in our lives. In this book Spiritual Mapping, I explore the root or source of the calamities.


I advise the reader to diagnose the issue, and observe its occurrence and pattern. After identifying the issue, do you recognise your input in it? If so, then you are the source; deal with it to stop it passing on to your descendants. However, if you are not the source, it might be from your background go and research it.


Find out if it affects other members of your family too. If you see same patterns to your kin and kith, then it is ancestral. If it affects the people from your town, village of nation, then it is geographical or territorial.


After your findings, go for deliverance and engage in precise and accurate prayer. Our spiritual warfare is brutal, we are contending with hostile unseen adversaries. We are fighting unclean spirits, demons, we need to hit them with precision. Our God is the Master Spirit, all spirits are under His subjection.

Spiritual Mapping

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