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MATERIAL: 925 Sterling Silver
Kiddush Cup

Height: 5.5 Inches (14cm)
Top Diameter: 2.8 Inches (7cm)
Weight: 76 grams
Diameter: 5.3 Inches (13.5cm)
Weight: 64 grams


Meticulously handmade, this sterling silver Shabbat cup will bring a spirit of youthful joy to your Shabbat table. The bell shaped body, standing elegantly on a stem, is decorated with an etched diamond design and dainty floral engravings. The design repeats on the matching circular plate.


The cup and plate are marked with a 925 sterling silver mark. The inside of the cup is plated with 24k gold to preserve the quality and taste of the wine.


The cup and plate are a set. However each item can be purchased separately.

Sterling Silver Kiddush Goblet with Matching Plate - Diamond Flower Design

  • These Kiddush Cups are on a 2-3 week delivery

    Imported directly from Israel

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