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  • Made in Israel by Talitnia, 100% kosher with certificate
  • Certified standard white kosher tzitzit tied onto corners
  • The Atarah (neckband) has embroidered tallit blessing
  • Comes in handy plastic slipcase with the original tag attached


The classic Talitania tallit is one of our most popular lines. Colored stripes add a contemporary touch to the classic pure wool and quality sewing.


Choose the size that will be most comfortable. Look through our selection of accessories. We embroider names on the tallit, tallit bag or Kippah. An additional option – you can upgrade the quality of the tzizit. Of course, the tzizit provided with the tallit are 100% kosher and come with the full certificate.

Talitnia Wool Tallit Traditional Kosher Prayer Shawl - White & Gold Stripes

  • All Tallits are on a 7-14 day delivery

    Imported directly from Israel

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