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ISBN: 978-1-3999-1864-0

About the book

This book was written for you, the intercessor, and it is a weapon for your arsenal.

The 21-day fast is not about sowing money in January of each year, and it has nothing to do with eating fruits.


Instead, this fast is to have satanic accusations overturned in the courts of heaven, putting an end to evil generation curses, and getting answers to prayers held up in the first heavens.


This book will address the following concerns:

  • What is a spiritual fast?
  • What is the different methodology of fasting?
  • Why does fasting fail?
  • The Purpose & Power of the 21-day fast
  • How to prepare yourself to go on any fast.
  • How to use the 21-day fast as a weapon to break generational curses and lift evil covenants.


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The True Purpose & Power of the 21-Day Fast

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