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Covenants are spiritual agreements that spirits establish with mankind. The agreement is based on a need and it is eternal. One person establishes the covenant that implicates all the future generations, it is passed through the bloodline. Jehovah God established a covenant with father Abraham, that covenant is still in operation to this day.


In our dispensation, our forefathers established covenants with demonic altars and brought the spirit of witchcraft to the family. The witchcraft covenants established the family laws, it dictated what we can do and what we cannot do. The covenants were sealed with blood and made them irrevocable. Thank God for the blood of Jesus it is a higher blood it is potent and can break all covenants.


The Covenant of Calvary is between God and Jesus, they are both of God so they cannot fail. Me and you we stand on the covenant of Jesus, we stand in the righteousness of Christ and nullify the witchcraft covenants. Brethren do not despair there is hope we can come out of the bondage of witchcraft covenants if we are seriously seeking to break out in Jesus name.

Unveiling the Mysteries of Witchcraft Covenant

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