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Financial Prosperity Through Biblical Wisdom of Giving

Have you ever wondered why wealthy people give away so much money to charity? Learn how to become financially blessed through giving.

Did you know that you can gain financial freedom through the biblical principle of giving? What makes a successful company set a financial budget to give away yearly? There are hidden clues about these principles within the Holy Scriptures.

Did you know it is not about religion? But about a principle that is established by GOD and is a universal law. If any person from any nation, religion, status, rich or poor, good or evil, they will reap the benefits of following these principles of giving.

What if I told you that you could learn these principles, practice them, and let them become a lifestyle, just see how much your life will change financially. You will understand that it’s about principle and has nothing to do with spirituality, religion or who you are. It is about understanding the laws that govern the principle of giving.

We at Gideon 300 Ministry would like to invite you to this life-changing teaching on how to gain Financial Prosperity by giving. Here are some of the topics that will be covered.

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