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New Book Release - 2020

Lord, Please Don’t Let Me Marry Nabal - Due for release 2020

This book will serve as a guide to teaching you effective strategies in attracting the kind of man who will make a good husband. It will also enable you to understand the fundamental truth that helps shape a man’s character and the way in which he relates to himself and the rest of the world. Using biblical ‘bad boys’ as a reference, this book will show how to recognise and avoid marrying men who fall into the ’10 Worst Types’ category. You will learn that these kinds of characters are still very much in evidence in the 21st century.

Things you will learn from reading this book:

  • Break the cycle of failed relationships.

  • Understanding the fundamental truth about a man’s life.

  • Recognise red flags you should NOT ignore when dating.

  • Strategies on how to win the spiritual battle on singleness.

  • The dos and don’ts of dating.

  • How to equip yourself to defeat the anti-marriage curse.

Author Sharline Stuart

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