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The Breaking of the Evil Altar

An Altar is described throughout the scriptures is a place where sacrifices were made. When Altars were made unto the Lord the Light and power of YHVH the creator of heaven and earth rules the land and the hearts of the people. As children of YHVH, we do not build physical Altars, but we do build spiritual Altars unto the Lord. An altar is where we encounter God and connect with Him at a deeper level (2 Chronicles 7:14). An altar is a place of sacrifice and a PowerPoint to draw spiritual and supernatural strength (Genesis 8:20-21). Altars are places of separation where we separate ourselves from God and separate from curses and generational traits. What we do at an altar has the power to shape and alter the destinies of our families' lives.

An Altar is a Spiritual Gate Way.

Our Heart is an Altar.

The priority of our lives can become an Altar.

Intimate communication with the Lord is an Altar.

Where we offer sacrifices is an Altar.

All altars have an inheritance. The altar of God also has an inheritance, and we have access to this inheritance when we become born again. However, many Christians live their lives and never access to the inheritance of the altar of God. Why is that? What are these inheritances? What are the rules and laws that govern the inheritance of the altar of God? To fully understand this, you first look at what is the inheritance? We want to invite you to our teaching on 26 March 2021, you can register at

The Altar of YHVH carries seven covenant blessing

  • The covenant of marriage

  • The covenant of the Holy Spirit

  • The covenant of salvation

  • The covenant of family

  • The covenant of the body of Christ (The Church)

  • The covenant of the Lord supper (communion)

  • The covenant of financial blessing

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