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The True Purpose & Power of the 21-Day Fast

Welcome to one more exciting blog. Our topic is spiritual fasting. In this blog, I will be writing about the partial fast, commonly called the Daniel Fast.

Fasting can be used for many different reasons. In today's world, where the weight loss industry is a 'cash cow'. Many people go on an intermittent fast to lose weight. You will also see people use fasting as a method to detox the body; some homeopathic healers also use fasting to heal their clients from various diseases.

Many people incorporate fasting as part of a holistic health and wellness practice in their everyday lifestyle. However, did YHVH (GOD) intend for fasting to become something we do to keep the body healthy? Or is there another reason we should practise fasting outside of maintaining the body's health?

However, this blog is not about detoxifying the body. It is about the spiritual reason behind the 21-day fasting. For the Pentecostal churches the new craze is the fasting for the first 21 days in January, which has no biblical evidence to support what they are practising. There is nowhere in the bible where it is written that the Lord asks us to fast for the first 21 days of January and, at the end of the fast, give our first pay cheque to the church. So, where did this idea comes from?

Most People don't know that the "Daniel fast" is not the name of the fast. They don't know the correct name of the fast to be called a partial fast. The partial fast is not only about eating fruits. You can choose to restrict any other food from your diet while you fast. You also can do a partial fast for one, three, seven or even forty days. It is not the number of days that matter about the partial fast. It is the spiritual benefits behind the partial fast. So, what are the spiritual benefits?

The 21day fast is about being in the presence of the Lord, and it is also about getting the curse broken and the evil covenant lifted. So to do a partial is not only about eating fruits; you can also do it intermittently and set prayer watches, for example, 12 midnight to 12 noon or 6 am- 6 pm take only one meal for the day. The key to success in this fast is to constantly pray, read scripture related to the situation you are praying about, and understand the enemy. I will be reading from the book I have written.

The True Purpose and Power of the 21-Day Fast.

I will be explaining the following:

1. How to use the 21-day fast to break an evil curse?

2. Why does fasting fails?

3. Why does the answer to Daniel's prayer come in 21 days?

4. who are the enemies that the apostle Paul spoke about in Ephesians 6:12?

DATE: Saturday, July 02, 2022, @ 6 pm GMT.

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