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WATCH: Senior church leaders call for action on racism through new viral video

Church leaders from different denominations are coming together to form a united voice on the issue of racism.

Following the killing of George Floyd, protest marches and what's been described as "uncomfortable yet constructive conversations", the leaders wanted to respond together.

HTB's Nicky Gumbel, Agu Irukwu from the Redeemed Christian Church of God and Gavin Calver from the Evangelical Alliance all feature with many others in a new online video which it's hoped will be shared widely.

On Sunday, in collaboration with Premier and Integrity Music, the One Voice Collective released 'Someone Please Hear Our Voice' as a reminder that black lives matter and as a commitment from the Church to right what is wrong.

The song was originally written by Noel Robinson & Israel Houghton and produced by Nicky Brown at Abbey Road Studios with contributions by a number of people within the gospel music scene to raise funds for the Haiti earthquake appeal.

While it was recorded many years ago, it's been reworked in video form for this statement.

Patrick Campbell is the creative director behind the project.

Speaking to Premier, he said: "It's all about people looking directly into a lens with the notion that the eyes are the window to the soul.

"I wanted to see a raw one to one relationship with the person."

The video also features children as well as footage of anti-racist protests.

You can watch it here:

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