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Why should I develop the gift of Intercession as a Christian?

Our past students have found comfort in knowing that intercession is a special gift from God that has empowered them to confidently and effectively pray on behalf of others, a city, or even a nation, to see God's will and intentions manifest with specific results.


With the gift of intercession, your prayers can bring healing and deliverance not just to others but to yourself as well.


Furthermore, developing your gift of intercession can deepen your understanding of God's heart for each person and increase your sensitivity to spiritual warfare.

If you feel called to be an intercessor, know that you have an important role to play in the Body of Christ. At Gideon Christian School of Intercessory, we offer courses that can help you understand your role and equip you with essential skills for spiritual warfare and intercession.

If you're still wondering whether our courses are right for you, we encourage you to take a closer look and see how we can help you grow in your spiritual journey.

Our Christian Intercessory Courses are PERFECT for you if:

You are in ministry

When serving in ministry in a church or Christian organization, it is your duty to ensure that you are properly equipped to assist those in your charge.

Our courses help to equip those in Christian ministries surrounding pastoral care, prayer, deliverance, counseling and spiritual warfare.

You desire to serve more deeply

Are you a Christian, but you feel like there is more that you can do to carry out God's purpose in the world? Are you ready to step outside of yourself to intervene on another's behalf?

Our courses will teach you the skills and deeper truths of intercessory and spiritual warfare.

You are drawn to spiritual warfare

Do you feel an intense warrior spirit when it comes to matters of God? Do you feel the need to be trained in spiritual warfare to battle evil forces on behalf of loved ones or even strangers? 

Our courses help you to further unearth the gift of spiritual intercessory and equip you with the tools for spiritual warfare.

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